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What our Preprimary and Kindergartener's learn

The Montessori Method helps children to develop self-confidence as independent learners. Activities are sequenced throughout the curriculum so that each new step is built on previous knowledge. Children are set up for success.


Because of the multi-age classroom, most of the lessons are taught one-on one. This enables each child (with guidance from the teacher) to choose activities that appeal to him/her. As the child finds the learning activities geared to his needs and readiness, he can work at his own pace, repeat the tasks as often as he likes, thereby experiencing success and as a result, a love for learning. 


Through the unique environment, children learn the skill of concentration. Effective learning is built on the ability to listen carefully and attend to what is said or demonstrated. Through the Montessori materials, the children form habits of extended attention and improved concentration.


Children use materials that are uniquely designed that cause them to discover many aspects of the world around them. As they come to understand their world, their need for order is met, making children feel secure and eager to learn new things. Children grow socially and emotionally by working with others. They learn to function as part of a community, respecting one another and praying for one another. They help decide on the ground rules and understand that limits on their freedom actually help to make them more secure.


Our Bible time is a favorite for many children as they listen to Bible stories, sing songs of praise, and learn God’s great love for each one of them.


The Montessori program is devoted to the development of the whole child. By providing each child with the opportunity to achieve his own development consisting of healthy attitudes, good habits, and effective skills, the program results in children having a good, solid foundation essential for a lifetime of learning, joy, and success. 


Three Year Cycle in the montessori Environment 



Goal: Relationship and Cooperation



Goal: Self-Esteem and Confidence



Goal: Knowledge and Memorization



Goal: Fine motor skill and Muscular fitness

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